And… it’s in English. When I first made this blog, I thought of two things: 1) how to offer people I met a different point of view about the world, based on things I’d seen in another area, but without making it overly personal; 2) complementing my double major and research, with references for further analysis. It’s not a quest to discover the general theory of human motivation; it’s not a complete dismissal of all methodologies of teaching available in my field; 3) It’s not the most fast-paced commentary of trivia, nor is it an IQ test. But I figured, as I rewrite this, that giving people a chance to get in touch on a personal level (of course) would be interesting, though I did think about my privacy along the way.

Considering this, I’ll share a link for a podcasting format. Honestly, I have to thank the people who made it available enthusiastically — I could never elaborate something that complex and detailed. It’s really for a time when you’re bored or just curious, and maybe what I’m saying will make you think about stuff. You don’t have to follow, but I’m pretty sure it will make you engage somehow. Go: https://anchor.fm/ivorants (available on Spotify).