Sobre o autor

Ivo, Brazilian, nice meeting you. I don’t think art should be put in categories. But I can’t say what inspired me the most to do this: music, film or literature. In one way or another, I’ve been involved with each — my profiles don’t say that, but I am. Degree in Humanities, researcher in Discourse Analysis, drummer since I was 15, moved by curiosity and the feeling of discovery.

I believe that Education should be a priority in every part of this world. And I think we can give an important step to make things happen by giving people access to information that some groups/organizations don’t want us to give.

Saying that education is a priority is saying that we live in a world where everyone acknowledges the fact that there are billions in the world, but only a small percentge gets to know the value of connecting people. So the next step should be to give those people the opportunity to be in touch with who they want to be in touch, to share something they’ve learned where they live, and to face the classsroom environment, or, more genericlly speaking, the chance to learn somethinig new, as an experience of growth in terms of awareness, cultural and social.

Everyone who works with education and searches for what’s new out there will agree that, at the backstage, people are competing to see who delivers the best content. If you’re one of those people, try to see how the line that separates (although it shouldn’t) different types of learners is just hypothetical. But keep in mind that each has opinions, above all, that they want — and should be allowed to — share, always.

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