Precedents and predictions: how stable are democratic values in 2022?

As I tend to, I’ll reiterate on something I’ve said earlier: my Bumble profile describes me as a moderate. I thought about it for a while. The other option was liberal, and I’d heard so many people attacking economic neoliberalism and comparing it to far-right fascism that I was just afraid of mislabeling myself as a patriot who thinks a good thief is a dead thief. Not liberal: moderate. They found another reason to complain on this internet where nobody knows who’s watching, but someone always is: how can I consider myself a moderate, when, in terms of morphological awareness (I can’t escape linguistics), I’m constantly the target of moderation? My comments aren’t easy to digest, and they’ve been soaking timelines and feeds with an odd mixture of lemon juice and destilled ginger, which are the best metaphors I can think of for something that makes you feel like you just drank detergent. In fact, I have horrible feelings when I go out the street and someone working for the condo is cleaning the sidewalk. The product they use makes me feel like a rat who just realized it has seconds to find a way out or die in the gutters. And we’re not here discussing sanitation.

That’s one of Brazil’s problems. But they’re many, and rampant. The hunger ressurgence, the violence, the ineffectiveness of law enforcement, corruption in this system that today I can assure you is not only discourse, and the protections proposed in law and well-spread through media vehicles to convey this impression that Congress is doing something for better livelihoods. It’s not. I myself haven’t been a beneficiary of any social program that hasn’t been a process of humiliation, while others thrived in success and luxury, with maybe a little bit of great sex just to make it even more appealing. But these are personal stories, for the last part. The comparison, though, should raise some eyebrows. I was, indeed, a beneficiary of social programs, including psychosocial care and financial aid through the pandemic. I had my social security money withdrawn from the companies I’ve worked with. It was lack of planning and lack of priority that led me where I am, but today, my plans and priorities have no chance against a project of power that uses predictions of behavior to control the masses. Media is definitely a problem in Brazil, but you’d have to see the data in other countries.

Speech freedoms are under attack, but among other things, the concept of freedom involves, for the globalists, a debate on whether or not I can carry an assault rifle. That is, in my view, inconceivable. Then you see how much of a “moderate” I really am: rephrasing someone on Twitter, profits are unpaid wages. To relate that to gun control is not making an ideological salad; systems of oppression need denouncing. The approval of purchase of guns is a vile system, but documentation seems almost unimaginable until you see it exists. Let’s suppose it’s the wages. The time I’ve spend working on my own is supposed to be compensated. Should I stop? That might be the case, but it’s my work and someone else’s profit, unless I find out my visibility is among the powerful, and I have negative impact. Nothing concrete points toward that direction. I’ll make a Google account and agree to the terms. The terms are: you renounce that this is by any means your property. You say yes. Simple as that. Agreeing to the terms of use is mandatory to use them. There’s no freemium for Google. And of course, they can claim it’s for the better, but then face misinformation accusations. How is it not possible to search for an email and find its activity? It’s a simple task, but nobody would want to open that Pandora’s box. They even say that “incognito mode doesn’t really work”. What does, then? Suppose you’re an internet influencer, and people stalk you. Let’s say 10 thousand people. Not a big influence, you see. But you wanna watch some porn. Do you? It would probably feel like these 10 thousand people are forcing you to have sex with them all at the same time. And you can’t attend to so many genitals. Somehow, though, that is a problem associated exclusively with women — hence, the moderate label. The economy relies on relationships between people to make deals, based on inferred results. But the same happens with countries. And when it comes to oppression, imagine that you’d have a document saying you authorize a person to perpetrate violent acts against you on camera. That is the entire porn industry in America. But not only in America, I’m just not quite sure about the documents (which they exhibit on these channel’s opening scenes, along with the previews or at the ending). When you buy a residence, a percentage goes to the municipality. That is called the Urban Territory Tax here in Brazil. You already bought it, but you have to keep paying. Along with electricity and water, plus the essentials, like gas, TV, internet. Imagine a world where these “assets” would be community granted? Don’t you think that could be arranged? And if you argue that would break companies down, take a moment to think about how much people would spend if they didn’t have to pay for these. Do you see that this is real social change? Do you realize that private companies have fought this possibility thinking about their profits, while even kids today consider the internet an essential for their lives?

But they created crypto with this sort of non-governmental ideology. The financial markets and politics are too closely related, maybe tied together. There is, for the liberal, a separation between State and Private Initiative. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s a basic thing I’ve learned. I also learned that is discourse. Google will show you what media companies who paid for space want to show you. Repeat for every “private” company. The money they spend comes from where, you’d think? The financial markets are tied to bigger initiatives because they could grow tentacles. There’s a thing people say about companies that are too big to fail, but look at Yahoo. And honestly, look at Facebook. With China now at the frontstage of media, that of course with the rise of TikTok as the main app on the planet according to various data analytics companies, but also the parent company Tencent, who owns messaging platform WeChat, and other initiatives, like retail giant Alibaba, you’d start to see that there are other models than what you see in an afternoon show at Bloomberg’s Balance of Power or Julia Chatterley’s First Move. In fact, they address these issues, embrace diversity… but do they, really? I refuse to talk about media figures who have blocked me on my professional account because I don’t want to lose touch with my target audiences, who aren’t the haters and the organized bullies, but the people looking for quality information and insider perspectives; but do we truly belong in the democratic process if we can’t choose which apps we use, who we talk to, when to post, what to eat, who to date, where to throw a cigarette butt?

You’d expect me to address women’s rights more directly. That has been done. The last item is just an example. There are tolerable levels of civil disobedience, but to categorize that as such, you’d need an aberration of a legislative body to say that the problem is throwing the cigarette butts away, with fines for the user who’s risking getting cancer, and not the tobacco industry. But guess what? That’s exactly, precisely what happens. And mind the inflation! The pack I bought without sanitary approval for 2, then 3 Brazilian real at the newstand is now 5 real, with the approval, new branding and all. There’s cigarette brands that never mention health factors — notoriously, Eight and Gudam Garang. It seems like a total lack of perspective, but I remember the Wikipedia entry I saw for the latter brand and a trillionaire revenue. Does anyone do anything about the ports? Of course not. And if they do? Forget democracy. Company profits dropping, pressure comes to prioritize their activities, or else. And then people show their true selves. It’s not that Bolsonaro is a liberal. He wants liberation of guns. It’s very different. It’s not that Trump wants America First. It’s that he wants his crimes and associations to be hidden from public sight while exposing his adversaries, who happen to chase the truth, with smear campaigns and fake news, often with a lot of technology aid. And sometimes, let’s be honest, he doesn’t even hide it. Famously, as reported recently in the January 6 hearings, he’s stated that “maybe [people] haven’t been following the internet [like he has]”. And so he releases his own brand. And the brand is Truth.

The only true societal value is that there are top and bottom positions. You can choose what you wanna be and work hard for it, but you can also be granted with something you never deserved. You can work all your life and be granted nothing. These are historical reparations to be made. But Truth Social, brought to you by the guy who said neonazis were fine people, makes you think genocide is cool. And let’s not even start with the pandemic, nobody wants to hear about it. When did people forget that history counts? It’s not just the documented history, and moreover, it’s not because recent history has been more widely documented that we’re going to be lazy and not look at it because what matters is the future. Progress as a synonym of profit, in pure “liberal” fashion? Let’s remember this progress comes with moderation. And the precedents we’ll find are in how society responds, or has responded. These are things that need cohesive organization, but respecting morals and principles. These are the reasons why I wrote down in my Master’s Project a quote from an Arts scholar and a quote from a Law scholar. Paraphrasing, “innovation faces resistance”, Pedrosa would say. But “as new challenges arise, new solutions are needed”, Czerna warns. Notice how the roles are inverted, and do more than posting a meme about that.

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