The thin line between… data analysis and human rights

We’re all looking at Ukraine, right? Wrong. TikTok is thriving, so much that Facebook is curbing its growth by pushing media narratives — easy, for the dominant platform in the world in terms of media. Of course YouTube doesn’t even matter — though they allow people to defend themselves with the almighty power of the internet by explaining that they were sentenced to prison for smoking weed. Notice that the Big Four are not like Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Adam Mosseri isn’t Gandalf either, but he apparently wants to be promoted to World Daddy, creating direct parental control on Instagram — an idea that, of course, isn’t original: Microsoft introduced it all the way back when people were still transitioning (or not) from Vista to 7, and family safety was offered as a tool. If you don’t like Wikipedia, shame on you, but people were reporting on it before the actual release.

Another eye popping headline is that 16% of British toddlers are using TikTok. Poor British parents, too busy investing in Russian oil and crypto schemes. Once, on Instagram, a 13 year old girl told me she had a hobby of scamming pedophiles by offering them to sell pictures and then stealing their credit card information. It’s the kind of thing that, first, you’ll have to believe me to take into consideration, but on the other hand, generates the next Pussy Riot or Occupy; but maybe, just about a thousand groups of trolls on Discord. We’d like to remind people that, according to the CDC, a toddler is aged 1-3. But I mean, how much do we know about law, am I right? If you can make them, good for you (you’re probably happy and healthy!)

Data, on the other hand, is a more intricate debate (and I’m absolutely not saying the other themes are not). At least, it’s when the adults get excited (pun very much intended, but it’s not what you think). Some terminology isn’t common sense at all. And let’s point out, there are present discussions happening. Linguistics? Not so much. Decency. But the State, at least here in Brazil, at least constitutionally speaking, is not only supposed to guarantee religious freedom, but also be separated from it. Well, who cares? Journalists are way cooler, and can take people out of office just for fun.

I’d like to end with the Collins Dictionary definition or “irony”:

  1. Irony is a subtle form of humour which involves saying things that you do not mean.
  2. If you talk about the irony of a situation, you mean that it is odd or amusing because it involves a contrast.

Synonyms: sarcasm, mockery, ridicule, bitterness.

My academic research investigated humor. But there’s a book I’ve never got to read in full, because my books were stolen. It’s just one example of things I never reported, but go on and talk about your plan for curbing hate speech. I would translate the book title as “History of Laughter and Mockery“. It’s only available in Portuguese, but I hear Terry Eagleton has also written about humor. His title is simply called, in British fashion, “Humour“.

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