We’re all gonna lie: getting older online

So, I watched the new Jennifer Lawrence movie. I need better weed. The media discussion is pranky, as expected. Merriam Webster has permission to make this the word of the year. But I don’t want a long post. Nobody does. Instead, I want to show you a video, that if I’m not mistaken, my dad saw on Facebook Watch. It was a prank. Pranks have generated decades of content for Silvio Santos, one of the richest men in Brazil, who owns a television network and ran for president after dictatorship. Which, if you know a bit about me and my almost father in law, should raise an eyebrow. The video consists of what Ivo Holanda spent decades doing: pranks. But it’s the American version, and you spend 10 minutes watching to see the person’s reaction. SBT, of course, was the precursor of TikTok. Apparently, someone wrote about the video. Conclusions are yours to make. Enjoy.

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