Our way, right away: what we want media to be

“Look at all these likes, all these comments”, Brian Solis would joke about on the culture and habits of social media users experiencing something new in communication. Look him up, TED speaker. What I want to say with this post is simple: if the people aren’t talking, the companies are – and that’s why you’re overwhelmed with content to consume.

Facebook Watch came before TikTok. Technically speaking. But Facebook has some problem with defining clear rules. No nudity? That means the family doesn’t get to see you naked, but damn, what a relief! Is it, though? We live in 2021, so what the family thinks is probably something like “well, you could do better”. And that’s it.

But when it comes to the pressure upon us, everything seems like a huge fucking deal, even writing a word on WordPress. “Fucking”. Can you imagine? And part of the WordPress family is Tumblr, but we are not having this discussion. I mean, what part? Newborn baby or the son who got kicked out and needs money to pay for a hotel? Are you gonna pay for the hotel, have a conversation? What exactly are you going to do? Not clear.

Relationships can’t be based on the pace of technology. A couple sits at home watching TV for 20 minutes, and if they have nothing to talk about, that’s probably an issue. Two bodies occupying the same space, and media just floating by. You gotta put food on the table. But you’re in your 30s and they’ve talked about you retiring for health reasons. You waited on a line, described your situation, gave out your information to social security. But what about all the good work you could still be doing? Look to the other side. Couch sex with one person only. Amazing.

The kind of decisions we take are how many likes are enough before we focus on something else. Now, as a researcher, if I still called myself that, I’d send an e-mail and ask what the average is. Someone was there first and they’re saying a post gets 1261 likes. Really? I get 3.

So let’s think about who we’re actually interacting with. People? Brands? Our bosses? Bosses of brands? The brand that the bosses of other brands like? Jesus Christ, let me stop. But there’s no way to stop any of this. Turn off your phone, and your neighbor might be running an entire bank from their phone. Or not. I don’t judge. But really, I only get 3 likes on average. That means to say I don’t get what I want right away. And when I do, it’s not the way I want it. It could be so easy: I post a song on Facebook and all of my friends like the post, not just because I’m a musician, but also cause they like me and my taste is perfect. What happens in reality is when I walk near the basketball court, nobody really stares, cause I’m different. But I catch a comment. That’s all.

If you have a thousand followers, okay. Good for you, I guess. Is it different when you buy stuff at the supermarket? Do you always record when you have sex? Do people say hi on the street? Is that a problem? I’m thinking it must be something else. You don’t post cause you don’t want the attention, and when you do, you don’t know how to handle it. Man, what a tough life. But have you considered, like, writing a text?

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