Moving to business: are these terms accurate?

This is gonna be short. As some of you know, I watch Bloomberg on my free time, around 10pm and 3am, but sometimes, something occult draws me to the front of the TV and left and right onto my living room, sometimes glancing at the mirror and making faces or talking to myself like I’m facing an enemy, eventually saying things to the screen, then making food or smoking a cigarette, while I’m trying to to admit that I’m a complete nervous wreck, all signs apparent and properly diagnosed.

This week, the end of Biden’s second month and at a pending project worth 1.9 trillion dollars to save the world, some people showed little concern with the real situation and an absolute commitment to articulating the perfect words in front of the recording apparatus, and it called my attention that smiles were not very frequent, stuttering was, and pianists on the gig were probably underpaid — but I don’t have details, cause I don’t work for the Rolling Stone.

Long term consuming

I’ve been buying bread at the same bakery for decades. I should say, my family. Pretty long term. My longest romantic relationship lasted 9 years and a few months. In July of 2013, I thought hackers had invaded all my personal accounts. Something happened, when I joined Tumblr (still have an account, right here) thinking it was a promising social network. But I’ve been inclined to think it’s a controversial social network, and here we are talking about “accuracy”. Click the story, and you’ll see the word “theft”. Twitter? I’ve been there for 10 years, alright. No need to tag myself.

But this lady was talking about essential goods. She was basically saying: “people are gonna buy toilet paper, food, household items, maybe some books! We’ll survive!” And I’m thinking: “what about the girl I was talking to last night? I said hi, then I logged off cause I wasn’t sure the communication was secure, then when I went back I had been deleted”. If dating is one of the most active (social) functions of the web, then what should we say about the casual? Do people wanna move on to making marriages last, instead of genitals being shared on a disappearing video? Which, by the way, lasts 5 seconds, if you set the timer (so people can’t save it, which I learned this week). Long term? Are you sure?

Tech enablers

Google makes +100B on ads. Plus is a great way to enable people to talk about their fortune without further questions. That is, a term. A great term. Actually, plus was the name of their social network, which didn’t do so well, and nobody’s interested in discussing why, though Miley Cyrus has been posting her MySpace pictures on Instagram, recently. Enablers? If you enable Google Smart Lock, and, let’s say, you have HP Sync, another device can access, well, your whole digital life. Is that a feature you want to enable? Or are we talking about the people who ask for your ID, banking information, share your private stuff and then tell the markets that this is totally unacceptable in today’s society, which is driven by respect and diversity? Okay, diversity, sure. But respect? I think I want a word with the BBC. Click is great, but click counts? I’m gonna need a better SEO thing. And PR. And so should everybody else: Orkut allowed you to see who visited your profile back in 2007. There’s a stalking law. It’s just that one of the things technology enables is older people to interact with younger people, who sometimes can be, well, not aware of what they signed up for — with their parents fearing interactions but very glad to not have to do every little thing to fully educate a well informed citizen and a super productive professional with outstanding skills to showcase. Maybe start with your booty. Or not, if you wanna stay home and not be, you know, harassed.


According to the Collins Dictionary: “a situation that is volatile is likely to change suddenly or unexpectedly”. Well, we’re following: that’s why they developed AI. But it was also to erase some posts. And who has the power to decide what the target of moderation is remains unknown. We don’t even know why the hell we need VPNs. And why we shouldn’t. But more importantly, we don’t even know if the HR is going to read all our messages before a job interview, and how to prepare for a situation like that. So let’s suppose I say something like: “I scroll Twitter a lot, and I like to read on relevant issues in the political spectrum.” How suddenly or unexpectedly would the interview end?


I’m currently offering English classes for R$25/h, with a total of 24 classes, including recommendations throughout the week, which I do for free. With the dollar at R$5,70 as of today, March 2nd 2021, that’s equivalent to $4,48. That’s how much a person would choose to pay me to hear me talk for an hour. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders proposes a minimum wage of $15/h. That, if I were American (maybe I should mention: Define American), my price would be equivalent, according to law, and reminding that it’s the minimum, to R$85,50. Again: the minimum. Again: according to legislation.

If you wanna support my work (which includes podcasts, videos and this blog, along with an Instagram page and a Facebook page, but also the 24 class course that I offer, with this content, you can go check my Patreon page. 19 followers supporting me with $10 a month would make my salary, completely based on donations, R$1083, slightly above the Brazilian minimum wage, which is R$1045 (or $183,30).

Thank you, and I hope you can help me to keep bringing what matters to the table — the classroom, the newsroom, the family living room where we have awkward discussions, or maybe even the stage.

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