A legacy paves the way to the future. A wound requires personal healing, if not international.

Donald J. Trump, the 45th elected president of the United States of America, is not in office anymore. I will not miss the most generic and vague words in the English language being spoken with the sound of a helicopter that somehow always made its way to the destination where a supposed master of deals would sit down with his intermediate level communicators to discuss projects on what was best to really put America first. Language or policy, which somehow made their way to public discussion in the terms of technological evolution, with an integrated society who would mimic the despicable and atrocious, neglecting the solidarity and pardon that any Catholic would preach and practice, had mutated into a post-reality show of allegedly very good relationships, tremendous investments and both sides of flat Earth certain that the Yin and the Yang were on steroids and that was at least eventful. Polarization, as it would be expected in a country with two parties, would be described as a symptom, but always from the moral standpoint; nobody spoke of knowing your enemy, because you’re supposed to make friends — and they gave us a list. In the shadows, military operations that prioritized Graham’s blood thirst and Pompeo’s manual of diplomatic boxing, while development only started to look like a K when they found out what the two other letters were, so it was clear for everyone else in the world. It’s not Greta, but it’s not Hogg either. Oil prices? Who would care to Google the OPEC. Alexa is cooler to talk about. Ring, iPhone 11, or maybe Snapchat, but it’s been a while for them. And in the end, maybe a sports narrator would announce that the young people won, but over a million lost to a virus.

Three examples of intercepted calls show the behavioral compass was broken: send me dirt on my opponent, yet again, and I’ll compensate you; the thing is airborne, don’t let me go sick, but fuck the rest; find me one more vote than what they have right now, because we won. Isn’t it great to be exposed? Maybe your mom and dad will point out your mistakes, and also direct your social life. Son, when you talk to dictators, don’t wear a mask: it’s not good for our family’s reputation. Madam Theresa, buddy Boris. Angela who? When you’re famous, they let you do it: sit on the table while everybody else stands in protest.

Brexit came next. Abe resigned. Bolton wrote a book. Snowden wasn’t pardoned, but GDPR was put in practice. Or was it? More recently, they reviewed the Communications Decency Act; but if you’re going to talk about business, there’s more to discuss than just communications. Or is there? Teach them how to make an app. They’ll break competition, because we wrote the terms. And when they break, they’ll need money, so they’ll either beg and be easily controlled or they’ll join us. But what about Walmart cashiers? A story of success, when they get to be managers, would make profits from movie tickets, if they weren’t all streamed now. So let’s go with the Nordic Telecoms, because if we buy Chinese, they’ll know what we’re doing, and we can’t let that happen. There’s a lot more to Immigration than you think. Nothing wrong with that, by the way: diversity is a popular word on social media. Kids too, and cages, depending on your taste.

The real plans are still written on the board of any school that gives a shit, through twelve, at A2 or not. But let’s not talk about making people smart. Let’s talk about making people what we need them to be: spenders. Don’t click on these stories, like these pictures, watch these videos, listen to these songs. 15 dollars if you wanna pick, but you know we have a register of your purchases, right? And if you quote the lyrics, there’s a question of authorship. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. We fell in love with big bills and quick thrills. Did we fall in love? Surely not with the people in politics, except AOC. Central America or Southeast Asia, Africa or the Brazilian North. The data has to be gathered first. How are we supposed to work? Renewable energy for the Brazilian is called beer. Now we’re talking, right? An industry. Supply and demand. No bullshit about the reasons why we’re here — sometimes, waiting for a customer in an empty store, still, with a mask on. Go home and you better think about how to lure them in. Did Samsung do it right? Ask the Recording Academy.

I’m a person who believes in free communication, but I’m shy. These are two separate things, I learned, through these difficult years. You can have a strong sense of embitterment, as you age. Dissatisfaction. Most of it, self-analysis completed at least partially, is about expectations. I can talk, as long as I have the means. And my voice is what I can use. But if I’m using my fingers, a keyboard, a desktop, powered by energy, in a home that needs food, to be cleaned, decorated and welcome visitors, then there’s other factors. And that’s what I tried showing people. Communication should be free, some would argue, because we’ve established that these are essential things: internet connections, for example. But empathy is lacking. In Brazil, homelessness is a Leftist speaking point. Drug addiction, curiously, makes it in the Right discourse very often. Of course, because there are drug dealers and rapists everywhere. That’s what we learned from our commander in chief. There are no musicians or dancers. No actors or activists. No writers or teachers. No fathers. No decent mothers. No strong leaders, because they can’t possibly reduce their salaries — or profits. There are people who make things great, again and again. That’s how we win. Because the roads have been built. And now we need drones. Cause that’s cool. And it makes sense, right? Jobs? We’ll think about it later when we see your LinkedIn connections, but make sure you’re in the fidelity program.

Food and health. Respect. Living wages. Security. Equality. And again, solidarity. Not just in the times of crises, but within ourselves, as a guiding principle. Good hearts that beat at the same compass, maybe a poliphony. And minds that can work together to make the world find solutions, instead of Twitter jokes and burns. Love without boundaries, except if there’s confusion between persecution and trust, excitement and maturity. Plans to change the world in spite of the plans to destroy specific targets. Transparency. Dialogue. Patience. Fun. Don’t forget a good pint of Guinness cheer. How information can build awareness and drive a change of habit, for the common good. Finding out what we have in common, instead of what we have against each other. Is communion a communist word? Maybe that’s why they don’t pay people with a language major. But there are many, and English is just one of them. We say: “don’t spit on the dish where you ate”. They say: “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Maybe we have more people who cook at home and they have more dog owners who eat in restaurants. I would guess. But regardless, some of our reactions can be exaggerated. Unless it’s for loss, which should always be considered.

And what about our freedom to choose? Gender discussions, with grace. His daughter suggested that we have a male domminated environment. Yes, coming back to him. I like words, but I also nurture a certain appetite for dissecting them. Which is an unusual phrasing, but I wouldn’t talk about a woman saying she’s disgraceful. Maybe we should take the IQ test seriously. It’s the morphology. Grace, full of grace, disinfectant. Mad, ad. Almost a minimalist, like John Cage, but never stopping until all media companies agree that you should. A week before the fix, these are geniuses: in theory, it was them who saw the problem first and did something about it. If you’re interested in Portuguese, I would ask you, politely, to search for the word reputation. If you can explain how that’s related to business, good for you. You get an A if you can link the concepts clearly, coherently. When a Brazilian is surprised, they say: “slut crap”. You can also try to explain it. Nobody should be surprised with anyone being slutty — America is certainly past that phase. But holy crap, the rest of the world isn’t, and that’s a discussion nobody is having; that is, they’re not published. Should we focus on something else?

Maybe we should read more. A journalist should. A student? Not as much. A musician should play, but in fact, everyone. And the question isn’t that we’re not getting enough attention as much as we’re paying. It’s what we can do, and along with it, choice. The choice of a leader. The choice of a bored 15 year old who read 42 books in 6 months. The choice of a therapist, the choice of a poet. The scales. And the choice not to study them. Gifted notebooks. Gifted people. And memory. Maybe we should remember the good. But never fail to denounce the bad, which makes us accomplices. The world has changed. No time for chords. No time for novels. But ask around — if you can go out.

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