Mom, I need a trillion dollars! (How we got interested in the economy, whislt not having shit)

I’ve been following some new role models. Brazil expects me to comment either a YouTube career or a bank account ad, soccer or whatever’s in the call to action. We get it: sexism, authoritarianism, bribes and stuff. You should start picking a category. Do we go for TV? Explain the context? Do we show newspaper covers? I’m done with the magazines, ruined my professional life (which you can certify by Googling my name). But I think we’re living under the scope of social media. Are we not? But please, not another freaking recap. Recaps make you bored, very sleepy, not productive at all. Dejavu, flashbacks, times you could’ve lost it but somehow you didn’t, mixed up with your numb mouth trying to articulate the words what time is it. Nobody knows. Time for change? Let me list a few things.

Inequality. Definition, types, examples, fixes. I’ll do the thinking for you: National Fund for Basic Education. Billions distributed proportionally, investing in the future of those who need it most. How many mayors do you know? Inequality is when someone has it way better and there’s nothing you can do about it. Like this blog, alright? It’s so easy to publish, and who knows how pissed off they’re gonna be. Am I saying I made a few bucks transferring the education finding to my bank account? No, Aria, I don’t have one. Types. Who would dare to classify the kind of misjudgment against themselves? That’s what the media does, all the time! The LGBT, the feminist, the anarchist, socialist, antifa. Who cares if Google knows where you live? Your password is visible on the screen, dude. Example: let’s talk to people. For what? Have the government hunting us down cause we found out how much money they make? They make serious deals. It’s not like an entire state would go out of power. Or preservation zones would vanish. Oh yeah, the virus. China. Gotta be smart to be in the mob. Try an Amazon bio telling the story of Jack Ma. Or maybe just, you know, mention him to the Asian stranger on Omegle. Totally the same thing. It’s 2021. Fixes? I don’t know. My whole sector is dust. What’s your next move, billion boy?

I’m tired of hearing about violence, I can’t be bothered with cheating, I’m sick to read statements and I wanna get drunk. You want a business? Go to Facebook. Dude, how many people do they employ? You want attention, take your guess. You know Aria was wrong. And I’m not mentioning this crazy chick again, good luck with the stats. We need food. We need air. We need time well spent. We need good healthcare. No, health is alright, it’s Christian enough. Healthcare is socialist. Flock off.

If everyone creating was getting paid, you’d get a digitized economy in a few years, but what about Tanzania, El Salvador, Kazakhstan? See, it’s not so easy. I’ll be happy to learn from an exotic speaker, but they’ll judge how exotic our talk was. And the dressing code. Very exotic. I’m not saying you get internets for the dank memes, I’m saying, well, how long have you been getting them? Cause I’m late on this shit.

Read Kant and Hegel. Watch Chomsky and Foucault. Discuss Zizek, say Bauman is for losers. Who the hell raised you? Every culture has their inspiration. We’re here to learn. Unless you want a certificate. Then you’re testing your cognitive capacity, spot the difference. I wanna see a world where none of this BS gets misinterpreted over ten times. Cause that’s what I’m getting. And I mean the world is reading. Wow. Big deal. Butt plugs shaped with a heart, that’s way nicer. Why do they pay teachers nothing and keep saying they’ll raise the wages? Cause sorry, it’s obvious they’re not paid enough, cause they’re paid zero. Zero is not enough, man. Sorry. Revolution? Start with a tweet, end up with a vaccine? How did we let this all happen?

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