Fed by tech: can moral balance be global?

Before social media, people used to care a lot more about how credible information was. But instead of showing you a tick box asking users how strongly they agree or disagree, technology is supposed to help everyone understand society; if we wanted to understand media, maybe we should move to the imaginary country where public schools teach you how to build a satellite. But the fact that nobody cares about how they got there might not be our most pressing issue: you installed Google Earth on Windows, but Sarah Palin can see Russia from her porch. Of course, the brilliant mind who developed messaging app Kik is a real fan of Pushkin, but here in Brazil, we still use Twitter to comment on the personality traits of Big Brother participants and then go back to our professional lives, either making memes or living them. Does your city honor clickbait with a statue? It doesn’t matter, just drink water.

Industries cannot stop panicking about banned words, metronomes and wishlists. Yet, at break-neck speed, new targets of harrassment are picked with systematic autonomy, while some evolutionary flaw makes the fully rational individual pose the counter argument: are they? It’s not just abuse, but organized crime; the bigger problem, however, is how we deal with quietness and contentment. Sometimes, when we choose respect, we betray someone; but when we choose violence — another word for violation — we betray common sense: we’re supposed to treat others the way we want to be treated.

Think about how good it felt to be right when you were at school. Didn’t you realize, later in your life, that you wanted your companies to be right as well? It’s called teamwork, but now, we have Facebook. If the future is really private, how much you paid for a home doesn’t matter as much as the fact that we’re friends and I can pay you a visit. Unless it’s in the woods or something. But here’s the good news: our house is not on fire, because we don’t live in a house, do we? We’re not climbing the guava tree for nutrition; there’s a fair, there’s Walmart from the South. Also, since we all need to say our prayers eventually, I wonder why I never searched for Adam and Eve, the TV show, on YouTube. Does that make me a dummy? The only thing I know for sure is birds are gracious, regardless of whether or not they really know what’s happening. But you’d never make that observation to the KFC owner.

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