Thank you, CAPS. I’m so freaking grateful for my meds.

While digital single life breaks the notion of traditional and stable relationships at every click, every unknown messenger and one near abuser at a time, we sit on that specially comfy armchair someone paid for designed to make us feel less pressured to hold into our demons, which may be financial struggle, loss and passion, will and character, guilt and shame, a call for courage and a call from our new friend with a small benefit; but it might not be so pleasant to debate on the socio-historical motivations of sound change, policy change and the marvel of money.

Students are the definitive instance of dreams taking shape, but since not everyone snores at 15, we end up on prescribing, along with guiding, motivating and recommending. Sometimes, every concerned teacher would say, parenting. But some teachers start at an early age, which might have a social motivation related to community value and representation, or it might be just the easier path. There are several, and few who remember who they are at the end of the road: a man bathing in the river walks out a new man, leaving in it old reasoning, old problems, old heartbreak, and making his journey a brand new one, but craving for the river once again in the future.

There’s no question that the man in the river isn’t the 7-year-old son of a fisherman. I wonder if I could learn, with an app, how to make it on my own. Videogames (am I still there?) have made many things possible, but is it really that simple to listen to a Tree talk about power, wisdom and courage, then ride a horse, go to a lake with an ancient temple, meet a scarecrow, learn about fire magic, then weigh the pounds of the animal who took the bait? Take it easy, Link. You let us down.

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