Is it all just for show? Media backstage culture targets ordinary people for the sake of impressions

In history and communication alike, there’s a number of things we can only answer with a good exchange from artist to artist. The Simpsons could probably answer for South Park, just like Bo Jack Horseman could answer for Bob’s Burgers: rooted tradition and subtle criticism meets acute social confrontation and warm vocabulary. Third world expectations down below, space travel agencies await for a reasonable justification for the Brazilian mixed race metal singer to have a memory accident and mystify context, in full cooperation with authorities of deceit. I don’t think I heard Billie saying it was cool to talk about the facts that Marxism is German and the multiplicity if words is the index that makes rapport a genuine report without the French accent, but containing detailed information on who said what should never be said.

Let’s make it clear, shall we? You’re reading a frustration account, with lots of tamed sexual energy involved. And in the midst of blockchain feeding streams for the future, British sound engineers are getting bored, leaving all for a tip to the gaming industry, while accordions are replaced for faster BPM. But nobody’s singing “we have the power, we are divine”, cause it’s 2019 and that’s ridiculous. I think my generation hasn’t yet recovered from the Woodstock fireworks, but distortion, reverb and delay are still fundamentals without metaphorical essence, if you study the practical terms. In anything you aspire to do, you need a helping hand to balance for all you can’t deal with at the moment, and that begs the question: how many more times do I have to say I’m sorry, mom, cause the equipment for my ten thousand sext experiment wasn’t good, but the other half was sabbatical?

The central point remains the same: while on tour, get on board with plan b. If Mr. D were my pilot, Ms. M would be playing virtual checkers with her beautiful kids. J, the mastermind of geeky engagement, would have his Mac open with a map monitor simulation of air trade, while watchtower rebels transmitted accounts of conquistador resistance on leaked pages and less popular interactive-progressives would laugh at the screenshots from sassylatina202, lawlyomomgaped44, gibedopexx, russianrapedolls247, illuminana2013, itsyagurldietcokehehe, and luckily seriousdaddy88 would join in to make sense of it all, discordance aside. But the real question is: you think we love being used, don’t you?

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