Modes of learning and questions in the air

I once heard attitude was the key factor to success. I knew people wanted to play tricks on me, but a modest person either wonders or asks for change. The bold, however, plan, invest, apply and carry on. Which one was the tipping point? When did my attitude become too bold or too questionable in terms of what was the right thing to do, the right thing to say, the right person to have a serious tone conversation with?

We never know. It’s true that when we want progress in life, competition will always expose our weaknesses like it’s a game of reality checks, but we are at the front stage, not behind the curtains. Tapes were leaked? There are no tapes anymore. Calls were intercepted? Well, companies were sold. Families went broken and miserable, hungry and dishonored. All that because of a job?

There are, indeed, basic ways of learning. Speaking before listening is a sign of need. Writing before reading works the same way, except it’s made possible through machine processes. How can we balance active and passive roles in our community life, care for ourselves and the ones around us, preserve our reputation and privacy, and give out an opinion without the backlash of media mass fact-checking?

We read because all has symbolism. We speak because our body needs release. We write because we have legacy to protect. But who do you really listen to, aside the voices in your head?

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