Home is where the heart is

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It’s hard to think about the place where we live if we don’t look at little bits of history. I know it sounds odd, but everything in our home has an origin, from the wardrobe where we keep clothes and documents to the stove where we cook meals every day. Most of us don’t really acknowledge the work put in manufacturing and spend a long time ignoring where these things actually come from. Maybe we don’t think about the billions in the real estate business, or the fact that Brazil has 42% of homes in the Southeast, our wealthiest region. Very few people understand what happened when the United States had a housing crisis in 2008, and there’s not a lot of discussion on the population density issue across the world, especially in China, which has regions with 2 people for every square meter. But we do know that when we need a service like a bank, health care or a phone carrier, they ask for water and electricity bills on our name.

Some people don’t worry about these things, not because they don’t care, but maybe for the fact that they’re busy with other priorities, like studying and managing social lives that get more complicated every year. For some, it’s all about the future, which means to say that’s always the purpose of all their efforts, but we know that’s not necessarily true – which is probably a good thing. For others, it’s more about how bad it gets in that area, in many aspects. Relationships at school aren’t the same at home, and sometimes that can shape the entire character of a person and determine their most difficult choices, as well as their opinions from lifestyle and entertainment to policies and practices. The workplace changes, as new ideas come up to update our perspective about the world, but it looks a bit different when you start getting your paycheck and shopping for food, doing laundry, picking a spot for a new shelf and being sleep deprived because you have too much to handle and you’re on your own. Which makes me think: is the next generation going to be?

We don’t always appreciate the place where we live, we take it for granted. The same happens with school and relationships, unfortunately. That’s why it’s great to go out there and see what you get from it. Back at the place where we grow up, some of us learned to say nice things to the neighbor, the cashier, the bus driver or the salesperson. A lot of people don’t, but we understand, there’s a reason for everything. We have to go somewhere, but there’s this thing called the internet. Suddenly, we do, and everybody knows about it. We share space with a lot of people at the same time, and each of us has individual feelings, collective struggles, and some of those are connected. But here’s the thing about being at home: what we do is nobody’s business. Except when you think about what’s happening around you, everyone involved, and whether or not they’re going to have comfort and safety in their lives, at all times.